Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wholla this weekend

Called my mum,talked to Vicky,Jnr and Jeddah were out playing
Drank a lotta water,it was Goddamm hot!
Slept a lot,more than the recommended hrs
I watched one Nigerian movie after the other
Took both the Periactin Pills that were left in my bag
Bought one more packet of the same pills
They help relieve stress,you forget a lil abt what's going on,
Gives you appetite and makes you sleep too much

Stayed indoors
Got a visit fron I.T at around 4pm
Recieved an unexpected call
Had rice,fish,chips,pumpkins and water 3 times a day
Had Faith & Gala at my house every now and then
Got a call on my aunt's phone
Rogy was asking for a P100
Where the fuck does he think i get the money? Nxhee!

Thought a lot about how was gonna get my stuff home
Should i ask I.T or hire a van?
How much will they charge me?
When am i gonna take them home?,next weekend or the one that followed?
Time will sort this out i gues
It's Saturday! Damn! was s'posed to be in J'burg
But it's okay i didn't
Oh! shit! was s'posed to attend Priscillah's kitchen party today!
But i couldn't-i'll attend the wedding next weekend.
She deserves the marriage!

Viktar payed me a visit around 6pm
Went together at Pick n' Pay-Riverwalk
When got home,did what i always do
Sent an sms that i won't be at work on Monday
One great weekend!

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