Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Little Things Girls Talk About!

I was paging through Mphahlele's blog and then i fell on to this post.She said Overwhelmed Naijababe tagged her on that,and i was like,
''okay,if Mphae got this from Overwhelmed,and i of course got it from Mphae,then i figured Overwhelmed must have gotten it from another girl,if she didn't come up with it herself.So I'm free to write anything that's on my mind.I'm free to say anything i wanna say.I'm single and i know i won't hurt anybody's feelings.''...after all,these are just the little things girls talk about:

1.How old were you the first time? 17

2.Name of the worst and why? Damon...he was behaving as though i knew every move.It was worse in that we were packed on the pavement outside my house,t'was raining in thunder and the street lights went off.My gran's husband came driving in thru to the garage.Just imagen when his car lights hit on us!..freaking embarrasing!

3.Name of the best and why? It has to be Rogers..that's when i started experiencing these orgasms and stuff.

4.Wierdest place you ever had sex: On that pavement of course.

5.Favourite Position: The only time i come is when i'm looking up that ceiling.

6.Ever faked an orgasm & why: yeah...a coupla times...he was abusing me emotionally and yet he wanted me to give it to him whenever he wanted.i had totally lost it!

7.Would you admit it if a person asked? ..no!..it'll hurt him

8.Favourite time to have sex: anytime

9.Most times you have had sex in one day: 3

10.Same person? ...go to hell..what du expect?

11.Ever fanticise about someone else than the one you are with? ...hell no!

12.Restrictions during sex? ...nope!

13.Accesories? ...yeah..

14.What? ...our hands...our tongues..the two parts..our eyes,minds,bodies and souls

15.Done it in the rain? ...yeah..

16.Done it in a car? ...on the bonnet

17.Had a threesome? ...what will i be tryina show if i do that?

18.Wanna have sex now? ...yes..been feeling horny lately,yesterday was worse...but i'm the office now,so..bad luck!


confusednaijagirl said...

lol at number 18

Jane said...
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Jane said...

@CNG...Yeah..go ahead and laugh your lungs out at me girl...it's gonna be your turn oh!

Xplorer said...

Think I had better limit comment to the first two....otherwise I would be getting a bit personal.

1) amazes me how you held out that long. Would have been like bees round a honey pot.

2) Having waited that long....then why give it to that jerk?

Jane said...

@xplorer...dammnnnit!..at last i got a comment from you.Okay..

@your #1..in fact i would've done it first at maybe around 21.But i gues the time was then...(if u no wot i min)

@your #2..how i wished it was planted on him,somewhere for me to see that he was a jerk...