Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Little Things About Me...

Got this from Who I'd Like To Be,and i thought i might as well keep the circle moving:

Four things i don't wanna experience
1.Me too,i dont wanna lose any of my remaining family members
2.losing my money thru fraud,eg Nigeria 419
3.Trying to gain a lil weight,but not up to say..180kg's
4.Doing something and then realise very late that i shouldn't have done that

Four people who make me laugh
1.My workmate,Goitse
3.My grandma,she suffered a stroke,now when she wants to hold something,it falls down,i'll laugh even though it hurts to see her like that(i hope God blesses me!)
4.Yngwie(pronounced as yinvy)-my cousin's son,he's got eyes like that of a Chinese

Four things i love
1.My self
2.My family
3.Food-especially papa and beef stew

Four CD's i play most at my house

Four places i love visiting around town
2.Tsholofelo Park
3.Fairgrounds Mall
4.Chezntemba Night Club

Four things i do first thing when i get to the office
1.Clock my name in the register
2.Check my mails
3.A cupof tea
4.Get to do my work

Four things on my desk now
3.A stapler

Four things i don't understand
1.Why people wanna have multiple relationships
2.Why loving somebody hurts sometimes
3.Why a man should always be the one making decisions in a relationship
4.Why its easy to lie than telling the truth

Four things i hate
2.Fast driven cars
3.People who look down on others

Four things i wanna do before i die
1.Build my mum her dream house
2.Get my kids the best education money can buy
3.Have that business of mine up and running
4.Make a lotta money

Four things i can do
1.Clean the house

Four people i think you should listen to
1.Your parents
2.A loyal and real friend's advice
3.Somebody who's been in a certain industry for a number of years,business,entertainment etc
4.Yourself,that inner call and trust your basic instincts

Four people you should not listen to
1.Somebody who's lied to you countless times
2.Somebody who claims to know it all
3.Somebody who's unsure of what they are saying
4.Somebody who didnt make it somehow in life

Four things i'd like to learn
1.How to play a guitar(espeacially accouistic)
2.How to drive a car-i want to have my licence this year
3.To speak Spanish
4.The Bible

Four beverages i drink regularly
3.Guava Juice
4.Klipdrift en Cola

Four T.V shows i watched most as a kid
1.Santa Barbara
2.Sesame Street
3.Mickey Mouse
4. Million Dollar Man

Four books i read most as a kid
2.Snow white and the 7 dwarves
3.Sleeping Beauty

Four things i can't do properly,no matter how much i try
1.I'm always late for appointments
2.Wake up at the set time
3.Cook soft porridge,it always comes out hard
4.Iron clothes,thats why most of my clothes dont need ironing b4 i wear them


Jaycee said...

lol...loved the answers!

LittleGirlLost said...

Chezntemba Oh the memories!
I wish there was one in England.

milano es par said...

@jacee...and i love your blog..thanx for stopping by neh?

@littlegirl...but i heard it's international.You mean you dont have it there?