Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Been Beaten Twice As Hard(part 2)

The second story with Rogers Zachariah:

We met when he was still doing his national service,and i had just written my cambridge.It was at my mum's home village.The truth is his mum and mine are distant cousins.So no relation between me and him.We were at a bar.I was at the counter trying to make a round.Then i saw this guy.Damn!,so couloured and cute.He was there to get himself one too.Our eyes locked!

I bought and rushed out to where my cousins were sitting.Then i saw him come out too.He joined his cousins at another table.Eish,we kept looking each other's table.Then later,one of his cousin said hi to me.I knew the guy from school.And then some introductions.We appointed to meet the following day.

We talked.I told him we couldn't do what he wanted us to do (i was still going out with Ernest then).I can't or i donno how to 'serve two masters at a time'.But i took his contacts anyway.

This portion is where 'the story with Ernest' falls.

Then 2000 end I contacted Rogers.Hey,the devil you know is much better than the angel you donno.Not that i knew Rogy that much anyway,but something at the back of my head gave me a go ahead.

We started out so well with Rogy.We moved in together in 2002 when i started working.He wasn't working then so every bill was on me.I didn't mind.It was fine.He always got piece jobs from people who wanted plans for houses to build,so some how someway we always made ends meet,including taking care of the kids who were then staying with my mum back home.

End of 2002 he got a permanent job with the Gaborone City Council,thanks to me.I got my aunt's client to hire Rogy coz just depending on piece jobs when you had a University certificate really ate at him.Our little lifes changed for the better now.

It was in 2004 when he was given a company house(H45) and we moved in there immediately.But we were to share with another family coz we were not married.If we were,then we were gonna have the house to ourselves.So our housemate was one lady called Miilicent-we called her Milli.She has a daughter-7 years my juniour called Lebogang,but we called her Lebo in short.Lebo and i became so very close.Yah coz we had something in common.We were both the only child,no brothers no sisters.She called me her sister and i looked at her as my baby sister too.Rogy and i used to help her with her school work and all,especially mathematics coz she was very poor in maths.

She always looked forward to me getting a study leave coz we'll spend the days together.Going to the malls if i wanted to take a little break from studying.Eish we were so very close.I'll buy her something if she wanted it coz she was so very childish.Wanting this and that.The hair styles too.She always wanted to have one like mine.She always complimented me on what i'll be wearing and say she'll love to look like that when she finished school.Yah i always told her to concentrate on her school work and forget about looking like me.That her time will come.

And then a day prioror to my 24th birthday,Rogy proposed and gave me that gold band with 3 diamonds implanted on it.There was no reason for me not to say yes coz i wanted to settle down and i gues Rogy was the right guy for me.We were both working,we had accomplished so much together,3 beautiful kids and all.So i gues the time was then.

And then things started getting outta hand.I started living Rogy's life.He started going out with just his friends and i was told to stay home(we used to go out together oh).Well i didn't mind coz Lebo will also ask me to stay home with her.I started living a triangular kind of life.From home to work,from work to school and from school back to base.Thats exactly how it was.I wasn't allowed to visit even my cousins in G-west.Nobody was supposed to visit me at home.I wasn't supposed to attend parties at work,surprisingly i'll attend the one at his work.And we'll go together.While there he'll stay right here besides me.He'll be at my work place when i knock off.He'll wait for me by my class at school untill the lecture is over.There was a time when he attended the class with me! That guy was mad oh!

Sometimes i'll have this courage to ask him to let me be,but i'll just wave it off.If i was meant to live like that, then i might as well let myself live like that.With Rogy i had everything i wanted.What more would i be asking for? Afterall we talked about it and he said he did that because he loved me! And he was feeling that after the propsal he felt like he might lose me at anytime! Lord! Really? Is that how he felt?

One of his workmates passed away a coupla following months so Rogy wrote to his employers asking to be relocated to the house the deseased was staying in(E29).The request was approved and we moved in to the new house where we were gonna stay alone.We even agreed to go get the kids and stay with them.One happy,complete family.So i thought!But things changed for the worst.

His best friend,Teetee,threw his birthday bash at college where he was training to be a teacher,so Rogy went and as usual i didn't come along,after all the kids were here and now i had to play my maternal part! But their nanny was there! And how about him playing the paternal part? Well..let the boys be with the boys,and women be with the kids at home.Thats where they belong.Bath them.Feed them.See them to bed and all.The kids became my sole happiness now.Most of the weekends Rogy was out.If he was in he'll either be drawing plans there by the computer,or burning cd's for his friends.He had little time for the kids.
Everytime i go home to check on them,Vicky always tells me how Papa used to chase them to their bedrooms and shouted at them to go and sleep! She still hasn't forgotten that,but it happened two full years ago...she says she doesn't wanna see him again,and that she likes it that he doesn't come to check on them...she says she HATES him...everytime she says that..it really eats hard deep inside me....

To be continued.....

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