Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Been Beaten Twice As Hard(part 2)

The second story continues...

The house was getting so tense the days that followed.I lost appetite in everything.All i did those days was get home late from school,had a bath,checked on the kids-who i always found sleeping,and retreated to the bedroom.There was no affection these days,no 'i love's',no love making,not even sex.I had totally lost it!

Everytime he asked for affection i'll let him how tired i am.I was really tired those days.Not physically tired,but mentally or better said,emotionally.Fortunately he had porn movies in the computer,so he'll go watch and whack himself while i'll be dozing off in the bedroom,but i'll hear him moaning and all in the sitting room.

After his friend's birthday bash,he started spending too much time at his computer.Usually if i saw him there i'll know maybe there's a client who wanted a plan.But then one day i figured out he wsan't drawing but typing.

''Hee wena,what is that you are typing?''

''Ermm.. Thatayaone's school mate asked me to type her project which is due in no time.She said the computer lab at the college is always full''

''Oh! Really?...how did she know you had a computer?''

''Ermm..i gues Thatayaone told her''


And that was that.I trusted this guy with my life.I knew what was between him and the girl was her project that Rogy needed to type.

It continued like that.The project typing and all.There were times when she would call,and by that time i'll be having Rogy's phone,and i'll answer.She'll ask me to tell Rogy to be fast with the project because she'll be going back to school.And then she got her project back.Typed and all..

Still the situation hadn't improved at the house.We were really trying to make things get back to normal but eish...One day we were chilling in the front balcony.I had bought the kids some new toys,so they were at their bedroom,playing.Rogy and i were alone in the balcony..you know..tryina come up with could be done to make things work.I was standing in fron of him.He was leaning by the wall and had his hands behind my back.

A n sms got through to his phone and as he was reading it,like behind me,i abruptly turned my head and just managed to see the 1st lines...''if your body was smeared with chocolate..''

I went like, '' what? gatwe your body is smeared with chocolate? let's see''

Have you ever seen somebody's heart beating from a distance? I mean right in your wildest dreams..have you ever seen that?
So i took the phone and started reading the whole message.And then i scrolled down to see who the message was from-Tshidi.

''Who's Tshidi?'' I'm looking at him straight in the eyes..

''That girl who asked me to type a project for her..''

''So what does this message mean?''

''I donno''

''You donno? Okay..lemme call her''

He didn't object o,so i'm dialing Tshidi's number on his phone without loosing sight of him.My eyes are still on him.


''Wa re baby? That message to Rogy's phone,what does it mean?''

''Oh! Tlhe mma i'm really sorry.I wanted to send to my boyfriend.Their numbers appear the same.I'm really sorry..''

To be continued....