Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bloggin' Not Over Yet...

Hope errybade had a great weekend.Me? Oh! i decided to general clean my little cottage.Do away with things i don't wanna see anymore,letters i dont wanna read anymore,pictures i don't wanna look at anymore.And gues what? i bumped into a letter i got from Ernest some years ago.I didn't believe it when i saw it dated 06-02-'98.So i can keep something this long? Well i got rid of it too.

It has come this other time of the month that i hate to bits.Busiest week of all.Taxpayers will be coming in,so guys i'll be out for a while,duty has called.I'll come back on monday to update or rather write the last stanzas of Been Beaten Twice As Hard(part 2).You should look forward to reading that one because thats where Miss Jay got really violent-i nearly killed someone that night.Watch out for that column!

In the mean time..i was expecting comments for the last two posts.I had posted them before but had to take them out for edition.Now they are in.Feast your eyes while i do what i'm being paid for this side...until then..ciaaooo!

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