Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Been Beaten Twice As Hard(part 2)

The second story continues...

After the conversation with Tshidi i saved her number on my phone.I donno why i did that,but something inside me told me that was the right move.For future reference maybe.

And then i gues the time came that both of us couldn't take it anymore.We agreed that i move out coz co-habiting was not working anymore.We started looking for a house to rent and Rogy was gonna remain at the flat.I told my mum that things really are not fine with my relationship with Rogy.

''Are you guys fighting?''

''No mama..just that i donno what could be wrong but we are not happy anymore''

''Okay Jane..i dont care what you do with Rogy over there,but please can i have my kids back?''

I told Rogy that my mum says we should bring the kids over,in case it got worse.So that if ever it gotten much worse that we end up fighting,the kids should not see that.

On this very day we discussed on how we were gonna take the kids.We agreed that i take the kids together with the maid home and Rogy should stay behind as we didn't have enough money for both of us to go.
All the way when we were travelling,Rogy kept on calling,saying he was checking on whether everything was fine,and the kids were not giving me any wahala.Abeg..i'm saying every after 30 minutes he'll call.Up untill we reached home around six in the evening.

Later i called him and he wasn't picking the phone.I kept on trying the phone.I really hate it when i call and somebody doesn't pick the phone.At least pick and tell me you can't talk!
And then..(God forgive me) i called Tshidi's number.

''Hello'', it was her

''Let me speak to Rogy''

''Okay,hold on''

''Hello'', it was him

''Kante keeng o sa arabe mogala(why don't you pick up your phone?)''

''I didn't hear it ringing''

''Ah-ah! where is it?''

''In my pocket''

''Is it not on vibration?''

''It is''

''And you can't feel it vibrating''


That night..i gues i slept late.I started lashing out valgue to Tshidi(i look back now and i see i shouldn't have done that).

I went back to Gabz on sunday.I remember i was having a tutorial at 3pm that day.I reached Gabz around twelve.Went home.I found Rogy's brother there,Michael.Rogy was out.I waited.I went to school.Lesson ended around 5:30pm.Then i decided to go to my aunt's place in G-west.Stayed there for a while until i gues around 7pm.Went home.

A human being is one kinda something that God created and we'll never understand how it operates you know? Rogy's flat was the last one at the top of a three storey building.So i'm starting to walk up the stairs and my heart starts pounding.Not beating but pounding.When i get to the door,the gauze one is locked,but the inside one is open.The t.v is on.The radio is on so loud.The computer is on.The kitchen lights are on.The bell iritates me but i start pressing hard on it.Still nobody answers the door.Ring.Ring.Ring.No answer.

Our bedroom was at the front so i walk to the window.I pip through.God!

I close my eyes because i was thinking that i was dreaming or seeing hallucinations.I open them to make sure.Lord! He's on top of her! I close my eyes again.I searched for the balcony wall with my hands while my eyes are still tightly closed.I lean on the wall.I open my eyes again.Good Lord! His head is in between her legs!

I turn and ran down the stairs.Exactly the way i've come.In front of the flats there's a secluded little park for kids.I go there.I sit on a swing.I start swinging it back and forth.Did i say i was crying? No! My eyes were dry.Nothing could come out of them.I close them again.I'm supposed to see darkness right? But all i see is my life with Rogy coming to an end.Everything we've built.Everything we've accomplished.
I start seeing our life back in those dark days.Our first meeting at the bar.Our first meeting after Victoria.The days we spent together at the college.Juniour.I start seeing us trying to make ends meet when i started working.Our moving from one house to the other.I see him at my hospital bed the day Jeddah came.His 25th birthday party.Our engagement.Damnnit! The ring! I opened my eyes to look at the ring.The diamonds emplanted on it sparkle at the hit from the streets lights.I raised my head to look at the house.That house.It was mine a coupla hours ago.But now the next minutes i'll be walking out of it for good!

I climbed down from the swing and started walking to the house again.When i look inside the house,she's there.Sitting at the computer,playing solitaire.I press the bell.Rogy comes from the rooms to answer the door.I greet her.Did i say i greeted her? Oh yes i did.I proceeded to 'our' bedroom.I found him in the kids' bedroom,on top of a chair,adjusting the lights there which haven't been working for a while now.

''What are you doing there?'', i asked him

''I'm putting in the lights for you in this bedroom''

''For who?''

''For you,can't you see i've got a visitor?, you are goinno use this bedroom for tonight''.

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