Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's His Fault!

When Edwin and i were ajusting ourselves to watch the game that just started,we got lost for words when it was announced that IT WAS OVER! Godammnit that Laila girl! That was in the first 56 second! She never even gave Gweldolyn O'neil a chance to give what she got.
Mohammed Ali you have brought shame to the O'neil family ooh! You know it's your fault!.Just like her father,Laila said her strengths were speed,confidence and power-and that's exactly what she was exuding! Good Lord! this girl! But i wanted that O'neil woman to win.Laila? She's beautiful yes but at all her conferences she held,it was like she was telling people that she had already won!,that pissed me off.Oh my God! But it was plainly clear that she had!..and she did win!
Mohammed Ali i hate you ooh!

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