Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Been Beaten Twice As Hard(part 2)

(I know,i know,i know okay? That i promised i was gonna post this yesterday.But our server was down,so i couldn't.Hope i'm forgiven)

When i was told that i was going to spend the night in the bedroom the kids used,i didn't know what to say.i was leaning by the door,and my head erked a little to my right shoulder,supported on the wall.I'm looking at Rogy and thinking whether this guy is out of his mind or not.Mind you i haven't been to 'our' bedroom yet.So got near to him and held on to his thigh,coz he was on top of a chair adjusting the bulb.I held on to his thigh,pressed it so hard.The tears started rolling.So fast.And i was going, ''babe please!''..said out loud and yet just a whisper.He pushed me away.Got down from the chair and walked past me saying, ''you heard me right?''

I heard the bathroom door opening and i went into their bedroom.It was their bedroom now.I found her bag and a small one on the bed.I donno what gotten into me there.I took the two bags,rushed outside and threw them down from top floor.I went back inside the house,straight to the bedroom again.There was a large scissors we used to trim the hedge while we were staying at some place we rented in Ramotswa.So i'm taking this scissors and headed for the sitting room.I meet him half way on the passage.He's from the bathroom.He holds me and we fight for the scissors.He's going like, ''Jane what do you think you wanna do?''

We are fighting for the scissors all the while and i said, ''dammnit! leave me alone!''
I was gonna kill that girl.I let go of the scissors and ran for her.She had plaited some dreads with wool.So i grab her by the dreads and pulled her from the chair.Heading for the door,she's screaming.That girl was very light oh,coz i picked her up like i was picking one of my kids.Don't ask me where i got the strength,coz i donno.So we are out in the balcony neh? I wanna drop her down there like i dropped her bags! Her screams get into me and i put a really hard slap on her face.I tell her, ''shut up bitch!''.I donno how i managed to pick her up.Her head is facing down,and just when i was to let her go down there,Rogy comes in fast and grabs her legs! I punched Rogy too on the face! Coz i was just accomplishing my mission and he disturbed me! God i wanted that b-,that girl to die.

I rushed passed the kitchen,took out my phone and i'm calling the police.

''You guys should come to the house now,coz i'm gonna kill someone.Come to the house right now!'' am shouting neh? ''i found a girl in the house and if you guys don't come right now,you'll fine her dead''

''Yes maam..how are you?''

''Don't ask me how i am! I'm saying come to the house right now! There's a woman in MY house!''

''Hey madam..can you please slow down?''

''Slow down? did you say i should slow down? Somebody is sleeping in my house and you telling me to slow down?''

''What really is going on there?''

''I'm saying i found a girl in my house and i want you guys to come over before i kill her.Plot 26109,block E flat 29!''

''Look,can you people sit down and talk about whatever is going on there.We are very tired of dealing with passion killings these days we don't want to work on another one.Please sit down with your boyfriend and talk about that.''

This guy pissed me off completely.I was very furious.I was shaking.I was sweating.I wanted to cry at the same time.But i couldn't.

I go back into the house.She's sobbing and he's doing the comforting.I called my mum.Told her what was happening and she asked me to call my aunt in G-west.I call my aunt and she told me to come over.

When i left the house i told him...''pack all my stuff,i'll come pick them tomorrow....

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